Terms & Conditions

1 – Company name

Stichting Eco & Co is registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce with the KvK number: 7576443.

2 – Product

2.1 – Basket

Eco & Co provides baskets of produce coming from organic suppliers. The produce has been discarded or unsold. All the products are selected, sorted and packed by Eco & Co. volunteers. Every week, Eco & Co prepares baskets of ~5kg for the price of 12€.

2.2 Order

Client orders the basket(s) via the website. Order process can only be placed between Thursday 18:00 and Tuesday 18:00 for a pick up on the following Thursday at the address chosen by the client during the ordering process.

2.3 Pick-ups

Eco & Co dispatches the baskets to the pick-up point chosen by the client during the ordering process. Client must collect their basket(s) on the day and during the time stated on the invoice.

3 – Payments

3.1  – Online payment

Payment for the basket(s) is made via Ideal payment system during the checkout process. A €0,50 charge is added to cover administrative costs.

3.2 – VAT

Price is including VAT (9%)

3.3 – Refund Policy

– Client can claim a refund from the day of payment until Tuesday 18:00 for a basket to be dispatched the same week on Thursday. Once Eco & Co has processed the orders, refunds are no longer possible.

– A basket that has been dispatched and not picked up will not be refunded.

– Complaints regarding quality and freshness will be handled individually on a case-by-case basis.

4 – Copyrights

4.1 Website

The website is the entire property of Eco & Co. All rights reserved. The website is developed and maintained by Delphine Web Design.

4.2 Logo

The logo is entirely the property of Eco & Co. All rights reserved. Logo concept and design by Delphine Web Design.

4.3 Graphic credits

Background Elements: Designed by Brgfx – Freepik.com

Insects, fruits and vegetables are designed by Ddraw / Freepik

Characters Designed by iconicbestiary / Freepik

Shape logo Designed by Muammark / Freepik

Vegetables in logo Designed by Brgfx – Freepik.com

5 – Data Collection

Eco & Co does not collect client’s data on the website. Data is collected via Mailchimp. Payment data is collected by Mollie Payment.

Eco & Co will never sell client data to third parties.

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without warnings.