Indesit, it’s indecent!

Do you know the Indesit brand? If so, it means that, like me, you belong at best to the middle class. We have an Indesit washing machine. For five years. It’s not long five years for a washing machine, is it? Well, for corporations, it’s probably as long as the age of the universe. A device that lasts 5 years is a financial pitfall. We need to find a solution.

Scheduled obsolescence

What a wonderful invention! The programmed obsolescence, or the continuity of the capitalist logic. How would they do if we kept our appliances for life? Just one purchase for everything and that’s it. Well, the manufacturers of refrigerators and other television sets would soon go bankrupt, poor ones… There is only one acceptable solution for these people: the appliances should not last too long.

Scientists are therefore striving to make our devices less efficient and much more fragile. The aim being that these devices die soon after the warranty, unfortunately mandatory.    How do these people do such work, regardless of their salary, knowing that they contribute to the impoverishment of the most fragile populations and, above all, to the impoverishment of our poor Earth, dying beneath our murderous feet?

Let’s get back to the topic of the day

The scene happens on a misty winter morning. Everything is quiet in the house. The husband works, the child is in school. Only the mother works at home on her new project. Everything’s quiet in this house. Too quiet thinks the mother who started a laundry machine an hour ago. The washer doesn’t make the same noise as usual. You can hear that something is not right. Indeed, everything seems to work normally but there is something that doesn’t work: the drum….

In your opinion, reader technician laughing at her ignorance, what is the problem?

Apparently, it looks like the belt blew off. Bingo! You’ve found it! At least, that’s what you think.

She dismantles the back of the washing machine to access her bowels. The belt is well out of the wheel. In the evening, when the husband is back home from his exhausting workday, they both try to put the belt back in place. They put it back on, it jumps off. They put it again several times, the belt jumps off irreparably.

How much does a washing machine cost? Because right now, they don’t have the money for that! A piece of shit like that already costs at least 400€! They don’t want to buy a new machine knowing that it works very well, when all the parts are linked together.

The husband decides to buy a new belt. He goes out to look for a belt he won’t find. The corporations do everything in their power to ensure that your devices break down quickly and nothing is in place for any repair. There’s a store in town that sells spare parts, but it doesn’t have that. It sells light bulbs and phone chargers but no washing machine belts.

The husband perseveres and orders a belt online. In this country, if you buy on the Internet a device before midnight, it will be delivered the next day, but not the washing machine belts! It took four days. It must have been made especially for him!   They put, with great difficulty, this new belt in place… It jumps off!

The problem is elsewhere…

The mother’s anger and rage made her notice that the engine, the very engine that drives the damn belt, is moving. She thinks it’s not normal, and that’s probably the reason for the problem. She begins to remove the engine from its base. She understands that the engine only holds with two out of four fasteners. Yet there are only two screws. This is because the other two fixings are not fastened with screws. The engine is simply placed on 2 plastic supports on one side and two screws on the other. As a result, the plastic supports finally blew away under the pressure of the centrifugal force of the full drum. 7kg of laundry that spins at 1400 rpm, it must inflict quite a force on these poor plastic supports. Scientists, I let you do the math!

So finally, what did they do with their machine?

Well, they found a way to fasten the engine on the plastic frame with zip ties. Right now it’s working! They are proud to have challenged the capitalist oppressor once again!

Indesit, it’s indecent.

But are the others better?

Readers please don’t get into the corporate game. Repair broken items. Think of all the things involved in buying new things: human slavery, impoverishment of resources, making the riches richer, etc. Whether you buy a major brand or not, the problem is the same. The only reason for these objects to exist is the money they make the rich earn. They are no longer made for your comfort, but for your insanity. Don’t let them get to you! Resist!

By Published On: August 11th, 2019Categories: We speak, We try