Questions regarding the products

Are the products local?2020-04-05T12:00:25+01:00

Some are locally produced, others are not. Our focus is to fight food waste. 99% of the products we source are organic.

I found mould on a product, what should I do?2020-04-05T12:00:25+01:00

If the mould part is small, you can simply remove it and eat the rest. If it’s really too bad, you can compost it, or throw it away if composting is not an option. We carefully prepare the baskets on Thursday morning but it can happen that some mould is overlooked. If you pick up your basket on Thursday and store the fruit and vegetables properly, they should be as fine as market products.

Can I get sick from eating a mouldy fruit?2020-04-05T12:00:24+01:00

No, you won’t get sick. It tastes very bad but you don’t need to visit to the ER.

Questions regarding orders/refunds

I cannot pick up my basket this week, can I get a refund?2020-04-05T12:00:24+01:00

Yes, we will refund your basket if you let us know before Tuesday 18:00. After that limit, we can no longer refund but we can hold your order for the week after.

I have a subscription and I cannot pick up my basket this week, what shall I do?2020-04-05T12:00:24+01:00

If you have a subscription, you should suspend your subscription before Sunday night 00:00. If you miss that deadline, suspend your subscription on your account and send us an email at info@ecoandco.nl as soon as possible.

I am an expat and cannot use Ideal, how can I order?2020-04-05T12:00:24+01:00

For some exceptions, we will process the order for you and give you the bank account number for payment. You will have to send us an email each time you want to order a basket before Tuesday 18:00 for a following Thursday pick-up.

I didn’t receive any email regarding my order / subscription / account creation2020-04-05T12:00:23+01:00

It is possible that our emails end up in other folders (in gmail) or in the spam folder. This is not something we can really control. We advise you to create a rule in your email account to always receive emails from info@ecoandco.nl in your primary inbox.

Questions regarding subscriptions

Why do I have to pay €0.50 subscription fee?2020-08-26T13:56:26+01:00

We need to verify your bank details to ensure a smooth and secure payment in the future.

I signed up for a subscription, what now?2020-04-05T12:00:23+01:00

When you sign up for a basket subscription, your account on the website is automatically created. You receive an email regarding your order and another email regarding the account creation with your username and password. Please check your spam and other folders! Once logged in to your account, you can change your personal details.

If you take a subscription on a Tuesday, the subscription starts effectively at the payment renewal, which is the following Monday.
Can I pause / cancel my subscription?2020-04-05T12:00:22+01:00

Yes, on your account subscription tab, you can suspend or cancel your subscription anytime before Sunday night at 00:00. If you didn’t take action before this deadline, an order will be generated and the payment will be processed.

Questions regarding donations

Why the donated basket is only 5€?2020-04-05T12:00:22+01:00

This is the cost Eco & Co pays per basket.

I donated a basket, what will happen to it?2020-04-05T12:00:22+01:00

We are very grateful for your donation. On Thursday the Stichting Zout der Aarde acts as a food bank for less fortunate households. With your donation, we can help more people access healthy and organic food. We are sincerely grateful.

I am signing up for a basket subscription and I want to donate a basket. Will I donate every week?2020-04-05T12:00:21+01:00

No, the donation only happens the day you proceed to the checkout for the following Thursday.

I love the idea and I want to donate a basket every week with my subscription, can I do that?2020-04-05T12:00:21+01:00

Please contact us directly to set up such an arrangement. We will be very happy to help you.