Raw wilted chicory with vegan bechamel sauce

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I'm happy to share with you this surprising recipe that involved raw chicory and vegan bechamel sauce. Yes, that's right, a bechamel sauce that doesn't contain any butter, flower or milk and yet feels and taste like a bechamel. In the matter of 10 minutes, dishes included, you will get a nourishing raw lunch with ingredients that kept all their integrity nutrients and vitamins. All you need to prepare this delicious dish is: A power blender 1 cup cashew nuts 1/2 cup water Grated nutmeg to taste Black pepper to taste 2 chicories 1 celery stalk (optional) 4 walnuts [...]

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Focus on Manda Brasa

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Manda Brasa is a one man business making delicious Brazilian snacks and sweets. We recently introduced his treats as additional products to our baskets. It has been a success so far! Let's discover Bartos' story... Where I’m from I’m from a place in Brazil where people deeply appreciate the culinary traditions of our ancestors. The recipes are passed down from grandparent to parent to child, preserving our culinary identity. My own mother is an amazing cook, and as a child I often watched with awe as she created her own recipes from scratch and [...]

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Delicious peach tart recipe

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This week, with the peaches I got from the eco basket, I made a peach tart. Discover this delicious, easy-to-do tart, that will delight all your guests. Ingredients Shortbread dough 1 egg 100 g sugar 200 g flour 100 g butter Almond cream : 1 egg 100 g powdered sugar 125 g almond powder 40 g butter Topping : 3 peaches Recipe Shortcrust pastry Break the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Reserve the white. Beat the yolk of the egg with the sugar. Stir in flour [...]

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