About Us

United together

with the same ideal, Stichting Zout der Aarde and Eco & Co, work together in solidarity to help the most disadvantaged people.

Laakkwartier in Den Haag is one of the most disadvantaged districts in the city. Stichting Zout der Aarde offers daily breakfasts and lunches for the homeless.

On Thursdays, food packages are made for people in need, but whose income is too high to access Voedselbank.

Zout der Aarde exists only thanks to donations. That’s why Eco & Co gives all that’s left of the fruit and vegetables for these packages. Unfortunately, the number of people in need is increasing.

Since September, when you buy your basket, you can, if you wish, donate a basket to the church.

We believe

 that food is our first medicine and also the strongest social binder. Good food keeps people in good physical and mental health and makes happy people. It inspires hospitality and breaks every border

Meet the members

My name is Delphine. I’m French and I live in the Netherlands since 15 years. It is very important for me to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I believe that food contributes to people’s general happiness. What a better gift than offering something we can share together? With Eco&Co, we have access to cheap yet healthy food and get the possibility to share our knowledge and recipes. We also contribute to diminish food waste and that is only positive!

Delphine, President / Pick-up point Leiden

My name is Jeanine. I’m French and I live in the Netherlands since 35 years. I love travelling, reading, cooking, especially with very good and organic products. Working with Eco&Co is , for me , my humble way of making a difference in the food industry. Let’s us all change that through eating and living healthier.

Jeanine, Volunteer

I am a French mother of 3 children, living in Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague. I feel concerned about our planet and how to make it better for our kids. I do care about conscious consumption, by buying organic food, reducing waste and giving preference to re- and up-cycling. And I love cooking and testing new recipes with the Eco & Co baskets !

Aurelie, Pick up point The Hague

Hi, my name is Monica van der Perk and I live in the Laakkwartier in The Hague. You can pick up your Ecopackage at my place on Thursday between 5 pm and 7.30 pm. I think Eco&Co is a fun and sustainable way to prevent food waste from organic fruits and vegetables. The content of the package is a surprise every week.

Monica, Pick up point The Hague

My name is Beverley and I have lived in the Netherlands for 10 years. I have been very ecologically aware for a number of years. I currently promote cloth diapers in Leiden and have also never owned a car. So I feel I am doing my bit for the environment! I am a stay at home mum so wanted to find more eco projects to be a part of and luckily I found Eco and Co. I am now the new pick up location for the Merenwijk area of Leiden.

Beverley, Pick up point Leiden - Merenwijk

I am French and I live in The Hague with my husband and my 3 kids for 8 years now. I like to take care of my family and our environnement, so I feel concerned about the planet. My family and I try to reduce our consumption buying basic products and cooking at home, reducing and recycling our waste, giving second life to many things. Eco&Co give us the possibility to change the way of shopping (and also cooking) fruits and vegetables If you live (or work) in the Statenkwartier, feel free to come and see our basket on Thursday (17h-19h30) !

Carine, Pick up point The Hague

My name is Ouafaé.
As a mother of two kids who love their fruits and vegetables, Eco&co is my perfect solution to feed my kids organic products which are affordable, healthy and sustainable.
Giving a second chance to imperfect products and thus reducing the waste is one of the steps in my ecological journey.
Eco&co also manages to surprise us every week with a colorful and diversified basket!

Ouafaé, Pick up point Scheveningen